Tuesday, June 19, 2007

KT exposes Indian policy to perpetrate HR violations

KT exposes Indian policy to perpetrate HR violations

Jammu, June 19 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Jammu-based leading Kashmiri English daily, Kashmir Times (KT), in its editorial, today, unveiled Indian troops yet another fake encounter unearthed in Chankipoa-Nowgam near Srinagar. 

The KT editorial defied Indian police's version that the personnel of Special Operations Group had killed two militants in an encounter. Quoting the residents of the area where the incident occurred, the editorial said that the two innocent Kashmiris "were first dragged to the fields and then killed after staging a fake encounter." 

The KT editorial said, "it seems to be a repetition of the innumerable stories already unsuccessfully churned out by the security forces that militants were first arrested, taken for recovery, where they managed to lay their hands on the guns and were finally killed in an encounter. Such cock and bull stories impress no one." The editorial added, "fair and independent probes are elusive in this part of the world where allegations of atrocities, custodial killings, missing persons and fake encounters, all of which seem to be inter-related, are the order of the day." 

The editorial suggested that it was a systematic Indian policy to arrest innocent youth, kill them and project the events as 'encounters' and 'victims' as 'foreign militants' on suicide mission. The editorial said that the so-called Indian slogan of "zero tolerance" was only an effort aimed at the face-saving on international front as Indian and its puppet regime had never been "able to rein in the forces in resorting to gross violations of human rights abuse, nor has it been able to live up to the promise of fair probes." 

Coming hard on the draconian laws imposed in occupied Kashmir, the KT said, "As long as the central security forces continue to enjoy immunity under draconian laws like Armed Forces Special Powers Act, which by virtue of clauses that empower any personnel to shoot and kill anyone on mere suspicion, forbid anyone to question the errors of the security force personnel, there can be no question of transparency." Referring to the use of brute force by the SOG of Indian Police, the editorial said that their personnel continue to evade prosecution, under the political and official patronage they enjoy for indulging in abuse of human rights. The editorial also highlighted Indian policy about Indian troops, which "are also known to resort to killings of civilians in lieu of promotions and awards; performance in the official circles is sadly counted only on the basis of head count of the dead, which is nothing short of barbarism."

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