Saturday, September 15, 2007

India legalises State sponsored terror in Kashmir

India legalises State sponsored terror in Kashmir
THE Indian Government has invoked black and draconian laws in held Kashmir to subjugate the people despite its tall but hollow claims of largest democracy. International human rights groups have continued to highlight a very important component of the Kashmir dispute, the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir by Indian security forces, including the use of rape as a weapon of war.


Different types of laws have been put in force while Indian forces and intelligence agencies have been given unlimited powers and impunity to frisk, arrest, torture, detain, kill, rape and molest the Kashmiri men and women. What is shocking and annoying is that nobody is raising voice against the atrocities being perpetrated by the occupation forces. A US State Department Human Rights report published last year said Indian troops continue to use extra judicial killings as a method to suppress the Kashmiris but except that Washington is keeping a deaf ear. Even on Thursday during meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte President Pervez Musharraf emphasized the solution of Kashmir issue and said Pakistan wanted a movement on it but the US official just restricted himself to listening the views of the Pakistani leader. The Kashmir dispute, as recorded in the UN documents involves the principle of right of self-determination and it is recognized that the dispute basically involves three parties — Pakistan, India and the Kashmiris. The excesses being committed against the Kasmiris are aimed at silencing their voice so that there is no third party in the dispute and thus complete the Indian strangulation of Kashmir. The Kashmiri people have sacrificed ninety thousand of their dear ones in addition to several thousand others who have gone missing. They would continue to offer sacrifices till the achievement of their inalienable right of self-determination to ensure a better future for their coming generations.[Editorial note-Pakistan Observer]

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